Pappy Walters – Owner/artist

Born and bred in Whangarei, NZ, (Ngapuhi) inspired by comic books and fantasy novels, Pappy always carried a pencil and a sketch book in his hands. Noticing his early talent, Pappy’s family nurtured his love of art, always supporting his dream and continually purchasing more and more art supplies……….READ MORE

Michelle Walters-co/owner

Hailing from Northland, New Zealand, (Ngati Wai) Michelle was the driving force behind the creation of Pacifink Tattoo and Art Studio. Seeing Pappy’s talent only after a few short years of tattooing, Michelle instigated the research, development and establishment of the business utilising her love of art to collaborate with Pappy……..READ MORE


Matiu(Matt) – Artist

Our youngest artist, Matiu’s tattooing and art in general has been inspired heavily by various forms of art, including bio-mechanical, realism, successing his main original genre, Polynesian arts and artforms…..READ MORE



Kymlee is the newest member to join the Pacifink team. If you are looking for designs with flair and originality, beauty and imagination, then check out Kymlee’s portfolio for yourself.