• Placement – Where do you want your tattoo? There are a few spots on your body where we    don’t recommend tattooing – there are reasons for this!

  • Size – How big do you want it? Remember, bigger is better! Smaller, more intricate designs won’t look as awesome as they do when you first get your tattoo.

  • Design – If you have examples of, or see similar designs that you like, we want to see them prior to designing – our artist’s can’t always see what’s in your head.

  • Colour or Black and Grey? – This makes a huge difference when it comes to your design, cost and booking your appointment


Not every picture you see can be tattooed and there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing your dream tattoo, so be sure to have a few ideas just in case


Once you have the information above, such as reference photos, prints or drafts of your ideal designs, contact us to make a consultation appointment. These appointments are highly recommended if you have designs that aren’t straight forward and clear-cut. The consultation will take approx 15-30 mins and it is the time to let your artist know exactly what you are after.

Come Prepared!

Our artists are constantly designing for clients and do not undertake any design work without a paid booking fee and a scheduled booking, so ensure that you lock in your booking before you leave. We require a $50 per hour deposit (i.e appt is 3 hours long = $150 deposit) or 25% if you have a daily rate.

If you know what you want, or your design is already complete, all you need to do is to contact us or come into the studio to make a booking.

When you are close to your appointment, and you know that you won’t be able to attend, please advise us as soon as possible. We are unable to refund your booking fee if you do not turn up to your appointment or if you do not advise us if your non-attendance within 48 hours prior. Some of our artists have a waiting list and it is unfair to them or the waiting clients if you do not attend your appointment and someone could have taken your place.

We accept booking fees via bank deposit or in person. 


How long is a piece of string?

No tattoo is the same, no canvas is the same, and no cost is the same.

The price of your tattoo will depend entirely on the size, placement, whether it is colour or monotone and many other determinable factors.

The standard costing is $170 per hour but your artist will give you a more accurate quote at your consultation appointment.
We also offer a day-rate which could reduce the cost of your tattoo as opposed to the hourly rate.

Small pieces will be priced upon consultation