Born and bred in Whangarei, NZ, (Ngapuhi) inspired by comic books and fantasy novels, Pappy always carried a pencil and a sketch book in his hands. Noticing his early talent, Pappy’s family nurtured his love of art, always supporting his dream and continually purchasing more and more art supplies.

At high school he was booted out of science class due to doodling and he was told that he would never amount to anything if he continued to do so. After completing only 50% of his school cert art requirements, he managed to pass and achieved third place in his class.

Following school, during the 10 years that he played semi-professional football, Pappy applied to undertake an art course but was rejected due to not completing the initial time test. He then went on for a few more years just casually drawing until he met his wife Michelle who was also artistic. It was then that he felt inspired to progress in the art world.

After moving to Australia in 2005, he was working in the pipe-laying industry when one rainy day, confined to a crib hut with his workmates, he began doodling. Noticing his drawing, a fellow colleague lay down a challenge….”have you ever tattooed before Pap?” When the reply was no, his mate offered to purchase Pappy a tattoo kit if he would finish the tattoo that had been started on his back. The challenge was on!

After a few short years of tattooing many willing human guinea pigs, learning, researching and a lot of convincing from Michelle, the studio was finally open for business.

Favourite tattoo genre’s – Fantasy, dark evil stuff, demons and skulls, Kirituhi, Ta Moko, portraits, animals

Favourite music – Reggae, rock, Hip hop. Pappy has been in a variety of bands playing guitar, vocals and has been known to play the drums during the drummer’s toilet breaks.

Favourite food – Pies, kaimoana

Hobbies – Pappy is a practicing martial arts instructor specialising in Filipino martial arts, loves staying active and fit.