Our youngest artist, Matiu’s tattooing and art in general has been inspired heavily by various forms of art, including bio-mechanical, realism, successing his main original genre, Polynesian arts and artforms.

Born in Brisbane, Matiu always had a pen and pad wherever he went as a youngster and had been playing league and different sports since he was five. As he progressed in art as he got deeper into school, he was very influenced by seeing the various carvings and different tapa cloths, trying to copy them as sketches, and began studying further in different artforms. It wasn’t until high school where he began to find his hobby of drawing was becoming larger than once thought, as numerous peers encouraged him to take up tattoo designing.

Although being reluctant to go for tattooing after graduating, majority of his peers and loved ones pushed the subject. He began working in shops at age 18, and by 19 was regularly tattooing.

Favourite Genre’s – Polynesian (Samoan, Moko, Fijian, Tongan etc.), General Grey-wash, Bio-Mechanical.

Favourite Music – Neo Soul, Reggae, Metal, Hip Hop.

Favourite Food – All of it.

Hobbies – Matiu does a lot of Powerlifting/Strongman training in his time as well as play a few instruments, guitar and keyboard being the main two.